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Welcome to Wood Stove Pools, also known as WSP. We are a manufacturer of a direct fired pool heaters known as the “WSP Silverdome” and “WSP Megadome”. WSP has designed a pool heater that is the most cost effective way to heat your pool or hot tub on the market today. If you have a property that produces yard waste (wood) this is the best way to dispose of it while also heating your pool. If you burn wood to heat your home, order an extra bush cord per year to economically heat your pool. Depending on your climate, one bush cord is more then enough wood to heat your pool from May to October (Canadian Climate). By owning one of our “WSP Silverdome” or “WSP Megadome” direct fired pool heaters you will have paid for your investment in two pool seasons just from the money you would have spent on propane or gas.

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2 Sizes to Choose:

The size of your pool will determine which stove should be implemented. Our large stove will heat a 20,000 - 23,000 gallon pool by 1 degree per hour. The extra large will heat  a 25,000 - 35,000 gallon pool an average of 1 degree per hour. These results are based on burning proper dried season hard wood with the outdoor temperature above 60 degrees.

Air Flow & Ash Pan:

Our draft control system can easily be opened and closed by turning the vent caps. It controls the amount of air running over top of the ash pan up through the fire bricks into the fire above creating a burn that is efficient with low emissions.


Condensation will occur until the pool water is approximately 72 degrees F; this is Science!  Our engineered construction design allows any condensation to escape out the back of the stove ensuring the fire box remains dry at all times.

Stainless Steel:

The WSP Silver Dome is built using 100% stainless steel to ensure the chemicals in the pool do not break down the heat exchanger.  The Stainless Steel will not rust ensuring the stove looks good as new in the backyard and remains a constant conversation piece.


The WSP Silver Dome is designed with safety as a priority.  The insulated fire box prevents the outside of the stove from getting hot.  The by-pass controls allow the operator to determine the extent of the water flow through the unit.  The stove is constructed with a vent system that shuts off all external air from entering the fire box.

Clean Burn Baffle:

Air fed into the hollow baffle passes through the perforations and into the firebox to mix with the unburned gases and create secondary combustion.  Air projected through the front perforations ignites any remaining gases to help reduce the emissions.

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