Wood Stove Pools builds 6 models of wood burning pool heaters including our PIZZA OVEN COMBO to truly bring the best backyard experience! You just cannot beat Stainless Steel!

You and your family can now truly enjoy the backyard cooking experience while utilizing our 100% stainless steel wood burning pizza oven while also heating your pool over 1 degree per hour.

wood stove pools silver barrel mini

Silver Barrel (Mini)

Suitable Pool size = up to 10,000 gallons or 38,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
24”W x 24”H
Weight: 75 lb.

wood stove pools silverdome large

Silverdome (Lg)

Suitable Pool size = up to 23,000 gallons or 87,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
24”D x 24”W x 36”H
Weight: 375 lb.

wood stove pools pizza silverdome large +

Pizza Silverdome (Lg+)

Suitable Pool size = up to 25,000 gallons or 95,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
28”D x 32”W x 76”H
(includes pizza oven)
Weight: 800 lb.

wood stove pools megadome xl

Megadome (XL)

Suitable Pool size = between 23,000 & 29,000 gallons or 110,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
24”D x 24”W x 48”H
Weight: 475 lb.

wood stove pools pizza megadome

Pizza Megadome (XL+)

Suitable Pool size = between 27,000 & 35,000 gallons or 135,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
28”D x 32”W x 83”H
(includes pizza oven)
Weight: 1000 lb.


MegaFlatTop (XL+)

Suitable Pool size = up to 35,000 gallons or 135,000 litres

Stove dimensions:
28”D x 32”W x 49”H
Weight: 800 lb.


Welcome to Wood Stove Pools, also known as WSP. We manufacture 6 sizes of wood burning pool heaters tailored to your pool size, Silver Barrel (Mini), Silverdome (Lg), Pizza Silverdome (Lg+), Megadome (XL), Pizza Megadome (XL+) & MegaFlatTop (XL+).  WSP has taken its already proven heat exchanger design & combined it with a patent pending wood burning pool heater combined with a wood burning pizza oven.  This is the most cost effective way to heat your pool on the market today!  If you have a property that produces yard waste (wood) this is the best way to dispose of it while also heating your pool. If you burn wood to heat your home, order an extra bush cord per year to economically heat your pool. Depending on your climate, 1-2 bush cords is more than enough wood to heat your pool from May to October (Canadian / Northern US States Climate). By owning one of our WSP wood burning pool heaters you will have paid for your investment in two pool seasons just from the money you would have spent on propane or gas.  Not only is our stove a great money saver it also saves you time.  You can now utilize that extra heat that would normally escape out the chimney to cook a delicious meal.

You and your family can now truly enjoy the backyard cooking experience while utilizing our 100% stainless steel wood burning pizza oven while also heating your pool over 1 degree per hour.


The other option is to swim in a cold pool and realistically rarely use it.  We’ve been there done that…it’s far more enjoyable to swim in a warm pool and eat a delicious wood oven pizza or what ever else you’d like to cook.


These Wood Burning Pool Heaters are recommended for Outdoor Use Only

The Cottage Tub, a wood fired hot tub system that doesn’t come with the high operating costs, chemicals and maintenance that comes with a conventional Hot Tub, making this perfect for cottage country or any rural area. The Cottage Tub and heat exchanger are stainless steel, built to last!


True North Saunas

Wood Burning or Electric Barrel Saunas


I think the word is speechless.
Unbelievable quality.
Firebox is much bigger than expected .
I’m a masonry contractor that’s been in business for 45 years and have probably built over 3000 masonry fireplaces in the Columbus area . I know quality and I know fire. This unit is unbelievable. Craig and Frank I want to thank you both. Both of you are straight up , no BS people. Not many of us left.
I’ll let you know when all’s running.
Mike M
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
Pool Size: 40’ x 20’
The pool was at 77 yesterday, Jen and I were in Monday and Sunday and the kids have been in since Thursday. The heater made a huge difference. Can’t believe we could be in swimming this early on in the year. We were probably not usually in swimming before the middle of June. It is working really well and we are very happy with it!
Kevin and Jen
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
Pool Size: Above ground
Fired up the heater Friday around 6:30 pm, and with-in 2-3 hours it took the pool from 70 to 74, it was a cool evening. Saturday morning I fired it up at 5:30 am, temp was 72 and by noon it was 84 degrees and the kids were swimming, works great, kids are happy, oh, so is my wife! Thanks WSP!
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
We just would like you to know the stove is great! We’ve been enjoying an 85F degree pool three days after we fired it up! When we started it, it was still dipping into the 40F’s at night. We just got hot weather so we’ll probably give it a rest, unless the predicted rains cool it down. The grandkids are really enjoying it!
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
Heated up the pool, cranked the tunes, drank some beers and cooked cilantro/lime/honey salmon with asparagus & bell peppers in the Pizza Silverdome oven… and ate while sitting on the pool steps!!!
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
Pool Size: 18′ round, 54″ deep.
First day it was 66 so I burned for about 4 hours (nice 2-3 split logs at a time) and it got to 76. Started again the next morning and it was 82. I keep the cover on at night and shut the pump off. But I haven’t burned since and it’s a steady 80
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
Pool Size: 18 x 32’ Above ground oval
We hooked up the stove ourselves – started the fire Friday morning, pool water was at 68 degrees, heater is 50 feet from pump/ pool. Pool is now 84 degrees (Saturday). No blanket on last night either. The stove works and looks great. It heats fast. Thanks…
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
I am ready to buy the stove. After l had a discussion with our city, I need the BBQ feature to be “Legal” as we cannot do outside fires in our municipality unless it is for the purpose of preparing a meal.
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
A quick note to let you know that install went well and now enjoying the warmer waters ! Thank you for your help in the purchasing , delivery and install process.

Would be happy to send you installed pictures and provide you referrals. I will certainly be talking up your stoves to any pool owners I come across. I had one friend who looked at it and said “its bullet proof”. Great quality, well made. You may get contacted by my pool installer – Andrew (Leisure Pools) who is interested in one for his own pool as well as for clients.

Wood Stove Pools - Customer
WSP, Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the pool heater. We used it some in the summer if we had a cool day or if it rained and cooled the pool. But the last week or so was the first real test for it, I had had 44 degrees F at my house this morning the high yesterday was 62.
Pool temp has been 87 to 90. Most people around here close their pool around Labor Day. We had a warmer than normal September but I know of no one else still using their pool. My wife is so HAPPY to still being able to swim comfortably mid October. At this point we don’t know how much longer she will be swimming, maybe December? Thank you for such a great product.
Alan & Wendy
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
We have completely installed the WSP Silverdome and now conducting the first 3 controlled burns. The efficiency of heat transfer to the water going through it is nothing short of amazing! You can actually feel the warmer water coming back into the pool at the jet. I’m so glad I went by your comparison chart for the correct sizing as anything bigger would be too much! And I rest assured by installing the check valve as your instructions directed.

My wife and I are “extremely happy” with this purchase and very excited to have this for hopefully decades to come so we can open our pool earlier and close it later in the seasons.
Our grandkids and children are even more excited about this!! I admit that we both knew it was a lot of money, but now see the quality and capability of this unit and it’s worth every single cent!

Any way.., thank you so very much for bringing such an efficient and wonderful product to market which keeps our electric and gas bill the same while enjoying a truly heated pool. Your stoves are “AWESOME”!!! 🙂

Bill & Laura
Wood Stove Pools - Customer
I just wanted to let you know that I got to try out the pool heater this past weekend. Set up was easy to do and your directions were easy to understand. It works great!

The water was warmer in no time and I didn’t even have it up to the require temperature yet. Thank you for making our pool time enjoyable again.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to heat their pool in PA.

Wood Stove Pools - Customer